Minecraft Naruto C Mod [1.5.1]

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Chakra (?; pronounced “cha-kruh”), is the force energy used by the Naruto characters.

  • Jutsu System
    • Katon Housenka no Jutsu
    • Chidori
    • Rasengan
  • Chakra “Energy” system
    • Chakra bar!
    • Chakra Charge!
    • Chakra Jump! More then 4 block high for now
    • Chakra Control! Water Walking!
    • Chakra Dash!
  • New Swords:
    • Ninja Katana
  • New Ranged Weapon:
    • Shuriken
    • Giant Shuriken
    • Kunai
    • Explosive Tag
    • Kunai with Explosive Tag
  • New Armors:
    • Konoha Ninja outfit
  • Other Language Support!
    • Hungarian (Magyar)
  • And Much More To Come!

Naruto C Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1 Screenshots:

Minecraft Naruto C Mod

I think recipes are very self explanatory.
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Every key is configurable ^^
– The default is “C” for Charge Chakra but only if you have a Headband equipped.
– “X” for chakra jump and just like Charge Chakra this also needs a Headband equipped.
– “Ctrl” will allow you to use Chakra Control. For now you can come up from underwater faster and “walk on Water” but now it wont give you that feel.
– “R” allows you to use “chakra dash” or it may be called a fast run function.
– You make jutsus by pressing first the right click with nothing in hand!
Then you use the numeric keys, 1, 2 and 3 combinations to make a jutsu.
The current combinations are:
1,3,2,3,1 Rasengan
2,1,2,3,2 Chidori
3,2,2,1,3 Katon Housenka no jutsu

How to install Naruto C Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1:

  • Install Mod for Windows
  1. You need Minecraft Forge
  2. Open your minecraft.jar file. This can be found here: C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin. It can also be found by searching for “%appdata%” in your start menu. Once you have searched for “%appdata%,” you have to follow the same path as stated above. Open your minecraft.jar with Winrar by simply dragging the .jar into Winrar.
  3. Open the .zip/.rar/folder of your mod and drag and drop the contents into the minecraft.jar.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar. Close minecraft.jar.
  5. Open Minecraft and play!
  6. If your mod doesn’t work properly or you get a black screen at the Minecraft startup: You need Delete your minecraft.jar found here “C:\Users\(insert computer name here)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”. Then Open Minecraft, let it auto-update so your .jar can be restord. Attempt to re-install mod (If you want).
  • Install Mod for Mac
  1. Open up your finder application. In the menu that appears full of files, locate the one named Library.
  2. Locate the file named Application-Support. It is usually near the top of the contents inside of the folder labeled Library.
  3. Locate the folder named minecraft. Once inside of the minecraft folder, open the folder labeled bin. This folder contains the minecraft.jar
  4. Slowly double click the minecraft.jar so you are able to rename it. Rename the folder minecraft.jar.zip. It will ask you if you want to use .jar or .zip. Select .zip to save your changes to the folder’s name.
  5. Open the now newly created folder named minecraft.jar.zip which will give you a new folder named minecraft.jar. This will now act as your minecraft.jar
  6. You are now able to drag any .class files needed into the jar to play the mod you wish.

Developer: JinRyuu

Download Naruto C Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1:

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Naruto C Mod 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

Naruto C Mod 1.4.7

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